Sunday, July 18, 2010

Herman's Son Bud

Herman’s Son Bud
His name was Bud, a Farmers son who was only seventeen. His father signed for him in World War 2, to become a Marine.
Bud was tough and young, a man of heart who was loved by every one.
He chooses to go to war, but not to fight, to save lives and bring home the soldiers to their families, and wives.
As a 3rd. Marine Division Medic he landed on the Island of Guam where the bullets were flying and so where the bombs.... See More
The fighting was hectic; many soldiers were wounded and dying. The young Medic was doing his best, and kept on trying.
He kept going back into the field of battle, even though his job seemed totally futile.
For that day in July he saved 9 Marines lives, and took a bullet for each man he saved, ignoring his own life that sent him to his grave.
Roosevelt gave Bud the prestige’s Navy Cross, it didn’t help his father, he still mourned his loss.
Now Bud will always be young, and an American Hero, who sprung into action at the time of ground zero.
To the man who saved lives and the Medic who sent soldiers back home to their wives.
We thank you Bernard LeCaptain, an American soldier that made things happen, and a Farmers son who simply loved everyone.

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