Friday, April 1, 2011

The Ten Commandment Song!

The world needs to know, what he has come to show.
The Lord gives us love, with a swipe of his hand from above, and promises us eternal life, to have a world without grief or any strife.
All we got to do is stop listen, and soon we’ll find out what we are missing.
The bombs will stop flying, the children will stop crying, the world be at peace, all the wars will stop and become deceased.
It’s really very simple, just listen to his word, and the world will become blissful.

1. Thou shall not kill it is not in his will, it only causes pain and will make you ill.
2. When or if you decide to cheat all you are doing is taking a back seat, and accepting devil in defeat.
3. Why do you want to steal, it tears your heart apart, and won’t let you heal?
4. Don’t use the Lord’s name in vain, that doesn’t make any sense. It only causes you pain and gives Satin a form of defense.
5. Why would you want to worship any other God, when this one has an over abundance of love to offer, I find that odd.
6. To remember the Sabbath, if you ask me that’s a pretty good habit. Take the time and reflect on God and your family, that’s right down our alley. We need to enjoy the treasures that we all received, and to keep the faith and believe.
7. There’s only one God, don’t pretend to be another, people will just look at you strange, and sit and wonder.
8. Honor your father and mother, what’s wrong with that they love you like no other, and that’s a fact.
9. Take care of your neighbors and do them favors, we all need friends, and no betrayers.
10. Find your own true love, It will be so special, a gift from above. No need to share, keep it right, and they will always be there.

The world needs to know, what he has come to show. It’s really very simple, just listen to his word, and the world will become blissful.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

The Sad Fat Child

The first thing I remember was when people were saying, hey boy you’re fat. I was only five confused, not knowing what to think of that. Didn’t want to be alive, and felt like crap.

All I knew back then, that I wasn’t accepted. People didn’t see me for who I was, and yet I was totally rejected.

Every child should feel special and fine, and not have to listen to anyone else’s lines. Each kid needs to like who they are, and believe in themselves as a Super Star. That’s called being a Kid, loving life, wanting to live and take part in what the world has to give!

Then I started school. Just to be accepted I became the class clown, or fool. As I hid myself behind this round fa├žade, I felt as if I were going to drown. While everyday praying for help from God with out a sound, my screams were silent, never heard, not even a single word. I thought to myself how odd, and how absurd.

The only time people wanted to be with me, is when they wanted to see and be entertained by the fat boy freak show. They don’t know how bad it hurts, and sure as hell won’t know all the pain. How the prejudices made you feel like dirt for absolutely nothing to gain, except for just being cruel, thus leaving you totally insane with not a person to call, and everybody’s fool.

When it came time to date, that’s when you really started to hate your life. You knew that no girl would ever want you as a as their mate, or to become your wife. If only they ever took the time to understand, on who you are and what I am. I’m just a lonely kind and loving man, with a heart to give and a caring hand.

Please except me for who I am, a man that is filled with the abundance of love and kindness, passion and soul, with a gift from above that continuously overflows. Please hold my hand, then throw away all your prejudice, and only then you will find out who I am in all of this. I ask you to take me away from this hell! I’m just a man, looking for love in a big round shell.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

Packers Win The Superbowl!

The Packers are in the Super Bowl, against The Steel Curtain.
One thing is for sure and this is certain, the Pittsburgh Steelers are gonna get a big hurtin. The Packers pass attack will take a great toll. Rogers will set the pace, and the Pittsburgh Steelers will loose control. No mercy will be giving, and the Steeler fans will not feel like living! Driver will be catching touch downs, and Jennings will too. The Poor old Pittsburgh Steelers haven't a clue, when the 4th quarter comes around, and the final gun sounds, they won’t know what to do! Yes, Green Bay will win, and the world will be happy again. The children will all smile, and the sun will shine, as the curtain goes down, and time runs out on Big Ben at about half pass nine!

Go,Pack GO!

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep The Faith!

When I cry, it doesnt always rain.
When I smile, the sun doesnt always shine.
When youre hurting, I feel your pain.
Im here to tell you, that all is fine.

The stars are out tonight.
The moon is shinning bright.
Dreams do come true.
Dont worry my child Im here for you.

I like to laugh, when things arent funny.
I like to yell when I'm feeling crummy.
Then I wipe away, and dry your tears.
Keep the faith in me and loose your fears.

When youre feeling lost and in despair.
When the thoughts that feel like no one seems to care.
Close your eyes and say a prayer.
No matter what, Im always there!

Give your hand to help a friend
Give youre your heart to help them mend.
Touch their soul with love and kindness.
With a gift of love thats totally priceless!

Share your life with heart and soul
Share your life with out control
Give compassion to all mankind
And there, the gift of love you soon will find.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunrise Reflections

As I sit on my back porch rocking back and forth on my old weather beaten creaky chair relaxing, sipping on cup coffee that would make an old cowboy cringe. Waiting patiently for the most beautiful sunrise as it reluctantly rises into the heavens. It is as if the sun were being sucked back to earth by gravity, but then you see the heat rays slowly taking control pulling the sun upward into the coal blue sky. The shadows of the early morning darkness gives way to the shimmering light, as it is reflecting off the placid waters, turning them into a golden pond of reflections.