Monday, December 28, 2009

Pray for Fred

I feel sad today. My best friend, or even more so my self adopted brother just 52 years of age had a stroke yesterday. He is in Michigan, and I am in Florida trying to put together all what just happened in the past 24 hours. It all seems like a whirl wind, a bad dream that you don't want to believe. The stories of Fred keep rolling in over the phone like a strange montage collage of the twilight zone.

You see things like this are not suppose to happen to guys that are physically fit and at such an early age.

Fred always wanted to be rich, and he tried many ways to achieve his dream. The problem was he was to nice, to honest, and couldn't be corrupted in his endeavours.
If you were cold he would give his jacket to you. I you were hungry he would feed you. if you needed some money he would give some to you with no questions asked. I know of two businesses today that would not exist if it weren't not for his generosity. People have gotten there homes and restaurants on loans from Fred that were never paid back. There were also Christmas gifts, and airline tickets that were never paid back. The thing was Fred loaned money on the idea that it would probably never be paid back anyway, To Fred, friends and family are more important to him money.

When somebody says don't worry I'll be there for you, he was. By shoveling snow, mowing lawn, fixing the neighbors car, raking leaves, moving, lifting, what ever it took to make someone else's day better.

But the best part of Fred is, listening, making you feel good and believing in yourself. I have known Fred for the 48 years out my 50 years of age, and he has never given up on me. I owe allot of what I am, and who I am because of you buddy.

Fred, I just want to say you are rich. Maybe not in monetary gains, but I don't know anyone else who is far more richer than you, in Christian Spiritual gains. People love you, your family loves you, and I love you, but most of all God really loves you.

People please pray for Fred to heal his stroke.


Your Brother Lee

Friday, December 25, 2009

Christmas, Faith, and Love

It's Christmas morning the day the world celebrates the birth of Jesus Christ. Some people say that this day is really not his birthday, it's just a symbolic day of celebration. I disagree, for the simple fact of faith. You see December 25th is the day the majority of the Christian world have set aside in faith to celebrate his birth. This day the world celebrates the gift of unconditional love. The day our Lord God has sent his only begotten son to save all his children from despair, in the name of love.
Remember we are a all family created as one, from the heart of God.
Have faith, and Merry Christmas.

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Create American Jobs Now!

We as Americans have to stand by our fellow citizens. The time is now to stop deleting the jobs we have. This is done by creating, and recreating employment for our own people in our country.
1. Don't let the politicians make the decision any more. They are only looking out for themselves, and lining there own pockets. Remember the best government is no government at all. We have to wise up and take our own country back, and put it into our own hands once again.
2. Job creations for thousands of people can be very simple, as long as we treat our countries brother and sisters as family. Here are a few examples. There are over 20,000 gas stations in America that are self service. If we pay just 3 cents more per gallon for pump attendants it would create 80,000 new full, and part time jobs. There are a few states that mandate this already, and it works fantastic.
If Wal-Mart, Grocery Stores, and the other large shopping facilities stop the all the self service lines. We pay just 3 cents per bag checked, this would create another 80,000 thousand jobs.
Theses two changes in our life would cost us only about 1 dollar a month to feed 160,000 people. I find it very hard to believe that we as a human race have that much greed built up inside us, not to make this happen.
3. Stop bringing in foreign workers to do the jobs that us American citizens can do.
Here are a some examples of that: Textile working, Crop picking, Construction. There are over 150,000 of theses jobs alone that foreigners are doing in the U.S. Charity begins at home first. The two reason these three jobs don't exist for us Americans is because we are either to lazy to do the jobs, or the employers of these jobs hire the foreign workers at a poverty level of pay so they can line there own pockets. Just by changing this would cost us only about 50 cents a month.
4. The politician need to stop sending our jobs over seas and get rid of the NAFTA agreement. The NAFTA agreement was made to create more revenue for the stock holders, and cheaper goods for the American public. This never happened.
The CEO's and Major Stock Holders lined there pockets with million dollar bonuses. I ask you, who are theses people, the CEO's, and Major Stock holders of these companies. The Answer is: American Politicians. That is why we Americans have stupidly spent 3 trillion dollars repairing all the companies that they had so greedily raped. This is so they can keep lining there own pockets with ill gotten gains. Three trillion dollars equals out to approximately $3000 dollars for every man woman and child in America. So I ask you, wouldn't our country be more stimulated if every American got $3000 dollars. It would made for one helluva' Christmas wouldn't it! The sad thing is we lost our great trade jobs that no one in the world did better than us, until recently, ask Japan. I warn you you if this keeps up, we are going to be a third world country fast! The time is now to stand up to our Politicians and take back our country!
Just a quick note: Over %50 of our Politicians make over $1,000,000 million dollars a year!
People we have a crisis on our hands.

Friday, November 27, 2009

Post Turkey Blues

I got the post turkey blues, Thanksgiving is past and gone. The family has left and I'm own my own. Theres gravy on my shoes, I wonder what went wrong, and that's why I'm writing this song. I got the post turkey blues.
The turkey was was burnt, potatos were lumpy, Grandmas feelings were hurt, and Grandpa was grumpy. Billy didn't like green beans, LuAnne spilled her drink, a house full of teens, and my wife didn't know what to think. We got through our meal all joyeous with love. What an ordeal, It's over. I thank God from above.

Thursday, November 26, 2009


Thanksgiving is a wonderful time of year for the family. A time of sharing, caring, and love. We as Americans take this for granted because every year we are allowed this pleasure. So I ask when you have that prayer before you have your meal today, pray for the men and women that gave and still give us our freedoms, and privilege's as American Citizens.

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The Old Lady and Olde Man

The Old Lady and Old Man
Written by: Lee LeCaptain
There's and old lady, and old man in an old pick up truck driven down the road. The old man has a dog his lap and a story that must be told.They met back in 43, she was in the WAC, and he was in the Navy. They fell in love when they were on leave, fighting for a cause that they both believe.He was a strong young handsome man, fighting for freedom and the American plan. The young mans dream were as grand as could be, have a wife, a house and a happy family.She was beautiful, long dark hair, hazel green eye's and a smile that could match a Hawaiian sunrise. She dreamt of a man that was pure in heart, a man that would love her and be so smart. Later that year they decided to wed, for a long, long future that would be ahead. First came a girl, then a boy, a life so happy and filled with joy. The young girl danced, the boy played ball, what a wonderful romance they had it all. Time had passed it didn't seem that long the kids grew up fast, so healthy and strong. The girl became a mom and the boy a dad, to create a family just like they had. Now the old lady, and the old man live all alone, with a dog they had got when the kids left from home. It's been 50 years of good living, and life, what a great family husband and wife. As they drove away going down the road, I knew this story had got to be told.

Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fast Food Blues

I don't know about you, but I am just plain tired of going into a fast food restaurant. All they seem to do is suck your wallet dry. An example would be: I would like a quarter pounder with cheese. The restaurants reply should be, OK that will be such and such price. But no! would you like drink, a meal deal, super size it. For only so much more you can have this. How about a pie? You can get 2 for a dollar. Would you like to contribute to our charity? It's for a good cause!

You know the damn burger isn't good for you in the first place, but you feel even more guilty now than when you went in there to Begin with. You feel cheap that you didn't get one the offers by the cute kid tyring to do his, or hers best, with the boss looking over their shoulder. Then if you do get it, your not happy with yourself getting those high cholesterol filled calories. You just know your going to have a heart attack when you eat it. Then after you're wonderful meal, you think about what what just happened for the whole night. Next there's a promise made to yourself saying this will be the lat time I go there, but knowing that with in the next week the same vicious cycle Will start all over again. Or even worse your wife will find out what you just ate. Oh yes, and spending the extra money that you didn't need to spend!

So as I leave, I drop the loose change into the charity box just to reason with myself, it's all for a good cause.

Hello Lord

Hello Lord
Written by: Lee LeCaptain
Hello Lord how do you do.There's something I like to ask of you.If you don't mind,If you can find the time,I'd really like to talk with you?Times are troubled, times are bad.What ever happened to what we had.The Golden Calf has clenched his fist.People run from terrorist.What ever happened to the Eucharist,Only you and the Golden Calf know.The Middle East is in despair,And the World is at war.Bombs fly through the air, Your son Jesus, we can no longer ignore. The world is full of greed,And no one seems to care,The politicians mislead,So I come to you in prayer.I pray to you my God above.I pray of peace.I pray for love.No more war, and no more greed,We can't go with out you anymore. You are what we need. I Pray for peace I pray for Love I pray to you my God above

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You will always be my first.

Today is the day of my first blog.

Enough is Enough!

Dear Concerned Citizens,

Something has to be done in Osceola County preferably St.Cloud FL. with the Sheriff a City Police. Over the last two years since the economy has fell apart, there has been an over abundance of tickets written for speeding or other minor Driver infractions. The ticket ratio, to the population ratio has grown out of proportion with the growth in our community.

I use to hop in my car and take a drive into town with out the fear of getting nailed by an officer for a ticket of some kind infraction. I now drive into town with the fear that I am somehow going to get a ticket for some minor infraction that I did not tend to do or break.

The speed traps are all over St. Cloud, 192 coming into town from the East side just as the speed limit goes to 40mp. you will find an officer hiding behind a pole doing radar. I was always told if you have to sneak around and do something it is not very ethical. By the way, if you do not get your speed down COMPLETELY before that sign, bam your ticketed, even though 100 feet later you are doing the correct speed.

The road between Wal-Mart and Home Depot. The Police hiding there again will give you a ticket for just 5 miles an hour over. This is only a one block stretch of road just past the traffic light on 192.

Kissimmee Rd officers hiding in unmarked cars and trucks in driveways from foreclosed homes or other hidden locations will write you for just 5 miles over.

Old Canoe Creek road, the new section I have personally seen multiple unmarked vehicles, Trucks and cars, and as many as 4 different officers writing tickets for miner infraction, one right after another.

Mildred Bass Rd. use to be 35 miles per hour a few weeks ago. The speed was just recently dropped down to 30 miles per hour. This is a road without stops from end to end of road for two miles, with very little traffic, or pedestrians. My son for the first since the speed limit was dropped, who is a teenager with a good driving record just got ticketed for 9 miles over. He was not trying to speed. He only went two blocks and got nailed, not realizing that the speed limit had dropped. The officer got on his police outside speakers telling my son to pull over immediately. My son he did as he was told to do. When he pulled over as instructed the officer then proceeded threaten my son saying he could write him up for three other infractions of all that had no validity what so ever just trying to scare him. Why?

Other hi ticket places are, Lake Side, Vermont, Narcoosee Rd. and Rummel. Watch out there gunning for you and your money!

I have been in this community for over 20 years, and know many of the old time Police Officers as friends. They are told to write tickets if they want to keep their jobs, there are no funds. I know there is big problem with funds for our Police Department as well for Fireman, but enough is enough! You see the law, is not to use the law, to create revenue, and that is exactly what is being done at this time. What good are our officers if they are always doing tickets and not the job they are intended to do, protect and serve.

This is just plain crazy, my family and I now have a fear to drive in my own community. I am sure the rest of our community feels the same way I do.

To the Police department I have this to say, you are creating a giant rift between you and your community. What ever happened to the time the Police were our friends.