Tuesday, November 24, 2009

You will always be my first.

Today is the day of my first blog.

Enough is Enough!

Dear Concerned Citizens,

Something has to be done in Osceola County preferably St.Cloud FL. with the Sheriff a City Police. Over the last two years since the economy has fell apart, there has been an over abundance of tickets written for speeding or other minor Driver infractions. The ticket ratio, to the population ratio has grown out of proportion with the growth in our community.

I use to hop in my car and take a drive into town with out the fear of getting nailed by an officer for a ticket of some kind infraction. I now drive into town with the fear that I am somehow going to get a ticket for some minor infraction that I did not tend to do or break.

The speed traps are all over St. Cloud, 192 coming into town from the East side just as the speed limit goes to 40mp. you will find an officer hiding behind a pole doing radar. I was always told if you have to sneak around and do something it is not very ethical. By the way, if you do not get your speed down COMPLETELY before that sign, bam your ticketed, even though 100 feet later you are doing the correct speed.

The road between Wal-Mart and Home Depot. The Police hiding there again will give you a ticket for just 5 miles an hour over. This is only a one block stretch of road just past the traffic light on 192.

Kissimmee Rd officers hiding in unmarked cars and trucks in driveways from foreclosed homes or other hidden locations will write you for just 5 miles over.

Old Canoe Creek road, the new section I have personally seen multiple unmarked vehicles, Trucks and cars, and as many as 4 different officers writing tickets for miner infraction, one right after another.

Mildred Bass Rd. use to be 35 miles per hour a few weeks ago. The speed was just recently dropped down to 30 miles per hour. This is a road without stops from end to end of road for two miles, with very little traffic, or pedestrians. My son for the first since the speed limit was dropped, who is a teenager with a good driving record just got ticketed for 9 miles over. He was not trying to speed. He only went two blocks and got nailed, not realizing that the speed limit had dropped. The officer got on his police outside speakers telling my son to pull over immediately. My son he did as he was told to do. When he pulled over as instructed the officer then proceeded threaten my son saying he could write him up for three other infractions of all that had no validity what so ever just trying to scare him. Why?

Other hi ticket places are, Lake Side, Vermont, Narcoosee Rd. and Rummel. Watch out there gunning for you and your money!

I have been in this community for over 20 years, and know many of the old time Police Officers as friends. They are told to write tickets if they want to keep their jobs, there are no funds. I know there is big problem with funds for our Police Department as well for Fireman, but enough is enough! You see the law, is not to use the law, to create revenue, and that is exactly what is being done at this time. What good are our officers if they are always doing tickets and not the job they are intended to do, protect and serve.

This is just plain crazy, my family and I now have a fear to drive in my own community. I am sure the rest of our community feels the same way I do.

To the Police department I have this to say, you are creating a giant rift between you and your community. What ever happened to the time the Police were our friends.

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