Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Hello Lord

Hello Lord
Written by: Lee LeCaptain
Hello Lord how do you do.There's something I like to ask of you.If you don't mind,If you can find the time,I'd really like to talk with you?Times are troubled, times are bad.What ever happened to what we had.The Golden Calf has clenched his fist.People run from terrorist.What ever happened to the Eucharist,Only you and the Golden Calf know.The Middle East is in despair,And the World is at war.Bombs fly through the air, Your son Jesus, we can no longer ignore. The world is full of greed,And no one seems to care,The politicians mislead,So I come to you in prayer.I pray to you my God above.I pray of peace.I pray for love.No more war, and no more greed,We can't go with out you anymore. You are what we need. I Pray for peace I pray for Love I pray to you my God above

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