Thursday, November 26, 2009

The Old Lady and Olde Man

The Old Lady and Old Man
Written by: Lee LeCaptain
There's and old lady, and old man in an old pick up truck driven down the road. The old man has a dog his lap and a story that must be told.They met back in 43, she was in the WAC, and he was in the Navy. They fell in love when they were on leave, fighting for a cause that they both believe.He was a strong young handsome man, fighting for freedom and the American plan. The young mans dream were as grand as could be, have a wife, a house and a happy family.She was beautiful, long dark hair, hazel green eye's and a smile that could match a Hawaiian sunrise. She dreamt of a man that was pure in heart, a man that would love her and be so smart. Later that year they decided to wed, for a long, long future that would be ahead. First came a girl, then a boy, a life so happy and filled with joy. The young girl danced, the boy played ball, what a wonderful romance they had it all. Time had passed it didn't seem that long the kids grew up fast, so healthy and strong. The girl became a mom and the boy a dad, to create a family just like they had. Now the old lady, and the old man live all alone, with a dog they had got when the kids left from home. It's been 50 years of good living, and life, what a great family husband and wife. As they drove away going down the road, I knew this story had got to be told.

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