Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Fast Food Blues

I don't know about you, but I am just plain tired of going into a fast food restaurant. All they seem to do is suck your wallet dry. An example would be: I would like a quarter pounder with cheese. The restaurants reply should be, OK that will be such and such price. But no! would you like drink, a meal deal, super size it. For only so much more you can have this. How about a pie? You can get 2 for a dollar. Would you like to contribute to our charity? It's for a good cause!

You know the damn burger isn't good for you in the first place, but you feel even more guilty now than when you went in there to Begin with. You feel cheap that you didn't get one the offers by the cute kid tyring to do his, or hers best, with the boss looking over their shoulder. Then if you do get it, your not happy with yourself getting those high cholesterol filled calories. You just know your going to have a heart attack when you eat it. Then after you're wonderful meal, you think about what what just happened for the whole night. Next there's a promise made to yourself saying this will be the lat time I go there, but knowing that with in the next week the same vicious cycle Will start all over again. Or even worse your wife will find out what you just ate. Oh yes, and spending the extra money that you didn't need to spend!

So as I leave, I drop the loose change into the charity box just to reason with myself, it's all for a good cause.

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