Sunday, January 30, 2011

Keep The Faith!

When I cry, it doesnt always rain.
When I smile, the sun doesnt always shine.
When youre hurting, I feel your pain.
Im here to tell you, that all is fine.

The stars are out tonight.
The moon is shinning bright.
Dreams do come true.
Dont worry my child Im here for you.

I like to laugh, when things arent funny.
I like to yell when I'm feeling crummy.
Then I wipe away, and dry your tears.
Keep the faith in me and loose your fears.

When youre feeling lost and in despair.
When the thoughts that feel like no one seems to care.
Close your eyes and say a prayer.
No matter what, Im always there!

Give your hand to help a friend
Give youre your heart to help them mend.
Touch their soul with love and kindness.
With a gift of love thats totally priceless!

Share your life with heart and soul
Share your life with out control
Give compassion to all mankind
And there, the gift of love you soon will find.

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Sunrise Reflections

As I sit on my back porch rocking back and forth on my old weather beaten creaky chair relaxing, sipping on cup coffee that would make an old cowboy cringe. Waiting patiently for the most beautiful sunrise as it reluctantly rises into the heavens. It is as if the sun were being sucked back to earth by gravity, but then you see the heat rays slowly taking control pulling the sun upward into the coal blue sky. The shadows of the early morning darkness gives way to the shimmering light, as it is reflecting off the placid waters, turning them into a golden pond of reflections.