Thursday, August 12, 2010

Small Miracles do Happen!

Small Miracles do Happen!
‎67 years ago my Mother Jeannette LeCaptain, ( Anderson) graduated from Fitchburg High in MA. Mom graduated 10 weeks early to go and skate for Ice Capades at the tender age of 17. She never had a graduation ceremony, and lost track of all classmates because of WW2 and her work with Ice Capades. So for last 67 years this has bothered her terribly! Today sitting in the front row of the Paul Bunyan Lumberjack Show that is performing in Bolton MA., sat an elderly lady. I had this weird feeling come over me, to go over and talk to her. I said hello, and then proceeded to ask her how old she was. She said 84. Well I knew that is my Mother’s age. I then asked if she knew any Andersons from Fitchburg. Her reply was Swedish, or Dutch. I said French. She then had a strange look come over her face and said, Oh my! Your Jeannette Andersons boy! Her eyes began to fill up with water. She yelled out, you look just like her. I come to find out Ida, that was her name, and my Mother were the best of friends and lost touch of with each other over 67 years ago. The story even gets better! Ida keeps track of all the class mates from there graduation class, and she has all the information on just about everyone. I then I find out, my mother was the lost classmate that nobody knew were she was! Before Ida could leave, I called my mom on the cell phone and let the two school girls talk. They talked as if time stood still, and you could see Ida fiscally get younger as they reminisced about the about the days gone by. My Mother and Ida exchange addresses, and phone numbers. The two old friends vowed not to loose touch with each other any more! I know it sound crazy, but these lumberjack shows that I do are truly a blessing. I just gave my mother the best gift she had in years! Yea!See More
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