Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Prayer

Thanksgiving Prayer;

I may not be a millionaire, but I am Gazillionaire beyond wealth from the richness of my Family. Thank you God!

I wake up sore and stiff every day, but I am thankful for that because for each new day that I awake, I can re-capture my youth by watching My Children and Grand Children play, and for those pains that remind me every day of a rich and fullness of life I have! Thank you God!

My mind is not as sharp as it use to be, but that’s OK because it makes my memories that I have, and the new knowledge that I learn so much more appreciable! Thank you God!

I can’t afford expensive meals, but that’s OK, because it makes me appreciate what I have more, and that I still have enough to share with my friends. Thank you God

I thank you for my life whether it’s long, or short it has given me the ability to experience love, to see love, and to share love. Thank you God!

Most of all God I thank you for making me, by giving me the most wonderful gift of life, and by this life comes the promise that we all have the ability by our choices, to have an eternal life in your Kingdom. Thank you God!


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