Saturday, September 11, 2010

What Is Love?

What Is Love?
What's love?
Everybody strives to have it, and makes it their number one priority in life. Is it a feeling of want or to be wanted, a feeling of need, the fear of loneliness, a feeling of hope, is it faith, or just the basic instinct to procreate your genetics with the best possible mate you can achieve for immortality?
I prefer to think of love, as a miracle. A gift from God that gets us closest to him by teaching us the nuances of kindness, compassion, and an overall appreciation of life! Love is definitely faith based, because if you take faith away it's impossible to love.
That's why I believe that God in the Bible is showing us what love is. Why the Bible stresses us all to have faith, and a belief for Jesus Christ, and God himself. The amazing thing is if you do believe that Jesus Christ is our savior, you will receive an over abundance of unconditional love.

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