Sunday, January 3, 2010

Please Pray For One Of Our Earthly Angles!

My Christian Friends, brothers and sisters. One of our most kindest and generous Christian Brothers who has the name of Fred needs our prayers. Fred has dedicated his life to Friends, Family and strangers to the point of neglecting his own needs. He has dedicated his life to God and Jesus Christ.

Fred had a major stroke, and he is only 52. His problems keep on growing. He had another stroke while trying to heal this week. He has been to 5 different hospitals in the last 5 days, and needs surgery. The problem for Fred is caused because of cholesterol in his carotid artery. I believe this is because he neglected his own diet to save money to help other people. He is a man of simple needs like Jesus Christ.

My prayer is for this letter to reach our other Christian brothers and sister to help pray for Fred. I believe prayer in numbers.

Dear heavenly father, please heal and protect Fred and help him heal. I ask that you give Fred hope for healing, and to keep his Christian Faith. I pray for his family and friends so that there pain and sorrow may be minimized. But most of all God I pray that you and your son Jesus be with Fred tonight and always, to comfort him with the love and warmth only you can do. I pray this in your son Jesus name!


Thank you God!

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